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100% quality control is the feature that connects all products in this group - valves, spotters, saddles, clamps and penstocks. This group of fittings, developed together with our trust customers for over 20 years, is the showcase of reliability, quality and the best design thought. These are the products that customers come back for [].

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In the case of repair fittings, the most important factor is the speed of response and the use of the right product for a given type of failure. Fully equipped modern machinery park, high components availability, as well as our own vulcanization department enables immediate reaction, and the tested constructions of repair clamps, clamps set and caulkers guarantee tightness - do you need something more to repair your installation efficiently? []

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The history of our company DOMEX begins precisely with this product group. The number of installed hydrants confirms the trust of countless contractors, and returning customers are the best showcase confirming the quality of the overground and underground hydrants produced by Domex. It is also the most valuable measure of success for us. As one of the few manufacturers, DOMEX uses only Polish suppliers of components and raw materials in the production. DOMEX hydrants, always tested in 100%, are characterized by an approach based on continuous pursuit of excellence - developed in the Research and Development department, supported by the own obtained patents as the sum of over twenty years of experience in production and cooperation with clients [].

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Products compensating longitudinal stresses and regulating the length of the pipeline are an indispensable element of water supply systems. The wide range of compensation of iron and steel couplings produced by DOMEX as well as the possibility of making joins of any parameters distinguishes DOMEX's products among the competition [].

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Fittings are also an indispensable elements of every water supply systems. A wide range of fittings, their diameters range and high availability are the characteristics of this product group. Fittings made of ductile iron EN GJS-500-7 and protected with anti-corrosive epoxy coating guarantee long-lasting, failure-free functioning and reliable operation. Optimalization in terms of construction and materials used constitutes an excellent combination of high quality and affordable price [].

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