Powder painting

In our paint shops we obtain the most durable protective coatings. We have a modern automatic fluidized bed paint shops, ensuring the highest standard of coating as a protection against corrosion. The whole painting process is very effi cient. The surface of each element to be coated is previously properly cleaned. Such prepared detail is heated in a special furnace, where the laser sensors constantly controls the temperature, and then placed in a fl uidized bed with epoxy powder. After its removing, the excess powder is blown away, and the element is taken to the heating chamber, in which it is kept at a high temperature for several minutes to optimize the curing process of the coating, and then cooled and put back in an assigned place.

Advantages of a paint shop with fluidized bed:

  • Increased productivity
  • Elimination of human error factor
  • Similar coating thickness for each detail
  • Optimization of painting conditions and repeatability